Cost of The Hunt

Longer Hunting Season!!

September 1st - March 31st

Every Package is All-Inclusive

*Lodging Furnished (on site)

*Can Lodge up to 18 Hunters

*All Meals Provided

*Five (5) Bird Limit

*Only shoot Roosters

*Guides and Dogs Supplied

*Controlled Hunting License Furnished

*Cleaning of Birds

*1400 Acres of Fantastic Hunting

This is a complete package where all you need to bring are your guns, shells, and your clothes.  We have some of the finest pheasant hunting here in Southwest Kansas.  You can either drive in, or fly into Liberal, Kansas and we will pick you up at the airport. 

5 or More Hunters

$450 per Hunter/per day

3-4 Hunters

$550 per Hunter/per day

1-2 Hunters

$650 per Hunter/per day

Rates & Info